We over-schedule. We re-schedule. We over-schedule as we re-schedule. We un-schedule when we have over-scheduled.

Even leisure time is dotted with obligation. Church. Sports. Movies. Family functions.

Lots of it is stuff we cherish. Still scheduled. Often over-scheduled.

Phew. We want to do it all. We believe we can do it all. But we simply do not have the energy.

We are slaves to scheduled time.

We forget the rewards of unscheduled time. We simply don’t remember.

I lived in Trinidad and Tobago for a while. A country I love. A culture that celebrates “liming.” Liming is the art of hanging out. Dropping in on folks unannounced.  Doing nothing. Shamelessly doing nothing. Triumphantly doing nothing. Unscheduled time.

Unscheduled time is a misnomer, of course. In my life in South Florida, I have to schedule my unscheduled time.

But whoa, once I am in unscheduled time, watch out.

That’s when I hear myself think.

That’s when inspiration bubbles up.

I can choose to do nothing and do not have to apologize for it. I have the pleasure of taking a nap any time I want to, just because I feel like it. I have the option of popping down to the beach on a whim. Not because I have planned it. Not because I’m coordinating beach schedules. No, just because, in that moment, I want to. It’s when I read a book just because I want to read. It’s when I stop reading just because I got bored. It’s when I move just because I want to move. It’s when I stay still because I have no urge to move.

Such are the rewards of unscheduled hedonism.

Mind you, I am a highly social animal. My urge to over-schedule is unrelenting.

Unscheduled hedonism is my antidote. I reconnect with myself. When I reconnect with myself, I bring so much more of me to every conversation, every meeting, every social function that I do attend.

Yes, I re-energize myself. And I re-energize every business relationship I have, in turn.

I accelerate my impact in the world.

Honor your obligations. But choose them wisely.

And be vigilant. Schedule some unscheduled time. Resist the urge to schedule your unscheduled time, the moment you’re in unscheduled time. Be a shameless hedonist.

Notice how your surrender to unscheduled time re-energizes you in deliciously unexpected ways.

For days to come.