We DID Christmas in my family. We did it BIG. The tree, the gifts, the Christmas carols, the eggnog, mom’s turkey croquettes. We did it even though my parents didn’t give a hoot about religion. I knew they didn’t – Christmas for us was just plain fun.

My dad and my brother have since passed on, and those Christmases are no more. That’s actually kind of cool; I now get to choose what I want this holiday to be.

We put up a tree this year. It’s beautiful. But honestly – I don’t really care about the gifts any more. I don’t care about all the darn eating. And I really don’t care about the obligatory once-a-year church visit. Heck, I like to worship every day.

Tonight, I long to hear the little voice of love. I long to hear it loud and clear. I long to know all the ways in which this voice sings: A hymn. A prayer. A kind word. A hug. A smile. A glorious affirmation. A moment of silence.

These are all my little love connectors.

And yes, here’s the opportunity for you and me as this week unfolds:

When Tuesday has come and gone and the post-Christmas sales call my name, how can I still know love consciously, every day? How can I know it when my co-worker irritates me to no end? How can I know it when my spouse reneges on a plan? How can I know it when traffic on I-95 comes to a crashing halt, yet again?

Yes, how can I fully know all my love connectors? How can I continue to hear my little voice of love, day in, day out?